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The resoraion of the Judy Lilly car is finished! Here are the most recent photos...

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Other Judy Lilly Cars

Other Judy Lilly Cars

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    Historic Publications

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The Restoration process is in full swing so check back often to see the latest pictures of the restoration of this one of a kind car.

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Here you will find information on Judy Lilly and the rare one of a kind 1967 Plymouth Belvedere I 426 HEMI 4-speed that she raced. Also, the complete restoration of this car will be documented and shown on this website. So check back often for new pictures and updates.


The Judy Lilly car restoration has now been completed. Click here to see details of the unvieling...

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"Uncovering a one of a kind factory backed Super Stocker"

The Judy Lilly 1967 Belvedere I Hemi 4 Speed Sedan

The factory backed 1967 Hemi Belvedere was Judy Lilly’s first Mopar, it was campaigned for just over one season, and was then sold shortly after she took possession of her new 1968 S/S Hemi BO23 Hemi Barracuda. It went through several anonymous privateer owners who bracket raced it through the years and was seemingly lost forever to the racing gods. It was rediscovered by the author in 1990 when I noticed a small B&W ad in the back of the August 1990 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. The ad described the car as an original 1967 Hemi car and clearly showed a photo of a 1967 Belvedere I 2 door sedan, there was no mention of its famous ownership history. After doing a quick check of Galen Govier’s registry he had no record of the car and Chrysler claimed that the car was never built, so, if the car checked out to be legitimate it would clearly be a true “One of None” example! I was excited to discover the car but didn’t have the funds to afford it so I decided to bring the car to the attention of my good friend and early B-body guru, Jim Drain, to see if he might be interested. Needless to say that he was indeed interested and after a quick verification of the cars VIN (RL21J7) the purchase was made and the car was soon on it’s way to it’s new home in Florida where it is currently undergoing a complete restoration to it’s original “As Raced” condition.

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