1966-1971 426 Hemi Carburetor Clone Throttle Arms. 

$159.00 Shipped Within The USA


Harms Automotive Exclusive Reproduction Products

1963-1964 413 Short Ram Exhaust Manifold Plates $259.00 PRShipped

1966-1970 Hemi B-Body Leaf Spring Plates

$59.00 Shipped Within The USA

Correct for all 1966-1970 Hemi B-bodies

1971 Thermoquad Base Gasket Spacer

$69.00 Shipped Within The USA

Very unique one year only part for all 1971 340 Engines

1966-1967 Belvedere GTX Satellite Nob Discs

$49.00 Shipped Within The USA

Includes the elusive flasher nob convertible top insert

1966-1970 B-Body Hemi Pinion Snubber Plate

$99.00 Shipped Within The USA

‚ÄčExtremely accurate reproduction of an original

Pistol Grip Shifter - Grips & Screws

One Pair- Any Color

$49.95 Shipped Within The USA

*Factory style in brown, and black have textured wood grain - All other colored grips are smooth

1966-1970 Hemi B-body Torque Box Plates

$99.00 Shipped Within The USA

These are the unique reinforcement plates that all Hemi cars should have.

C.A.P. Valve Bracket 1967-1969

 $89.00 Shipped Within The USA

These will work with any engine CAP valve to work on your 426 Hemi engine 

1966-1971 426 Hemi

Carburetor Clones

These are a nice option for the person looking for an original looking pair of 1966-1971 426 Hemi carburetors but without the high price tag. These are constructed starting with modern Edelbrock bases and vintage air horns with the proper factory style side linkage arms. This allows you to use all  of the factory accessory parts which are all commonly available in reproduction form. All factory 1966-1971 426 Hemi air cleaners, fuel lines, fuel fittings, return springs, progressive linkage, choke assemblies, etc. fit these just like originals.$1,200.00 Pair

*These carburetors show some extra cost options-Fuel Inlet Fittings,Progressive Linkage, Tags, Automatic Choke